The objective of the project was to choose an existing brand that has a static logo and give it a dynamic identity. We chose The Smithsonian Institute as our base because we thought it would be interesting to see how we can give a brand with such a rich heritage and adapt it to the modern age. Because the current logo is so iconic, we wanted to keep the concept of the original logo the same, however, we decided to simplify the logo design and change its typeface in order to give it a more modern and sleeker appearance.   

For the dynamic portion, we knew the institute is divided into 6 categories: education, exhibition, zoo, research center, cultural center, and events—so we designed a graphic element for each category. These graphic elements would then be super exposed on top of the sun. This way, the logo would change depending on the categories of the institute. The project is a collaboration between Jessica Natasha, Jamie Kao, Mohini Khadaria and Gabrielle Storrs. 

Logo Elements